About Us


Hiccup Interactive, LLC is an award-winning indie game studio in Atlanta, GA, founded and operated by Karen Williams. Hiccup Interactive focuses on developing games that foster applicable skills through play. 

Through ‘edutainment’, Hiccup Interactive seeks to demonstrate that games are an invaluable medium for empathy and understanding. Each project’s first priority is fun, then skill improvement; this is to encourage long term engagement and retention instead of front loading information


Hiccup Interactive is a young, innovative gaming company with a commitment to the exploratory nature of learning through gameplay rather than high stakes competition. Our games have a clear learning objective and are challenging, yet we focus on crafting the space for learning through fun, compelling game design, rather than rigid and judgmental assessment.

The company has developed games aimed at audiences of all ages that have interest in the specific topic. Since Hiccup Interactive games focus on fun first, the games can be enjoyed purely for the sake of entertainment or for the explicit purpose of learning.  The company values player time and encourages replayability. 

our team

Karen Williams, Founder & chief developer

Karen is an eager game programmer with a passion for design. As a graduate of Columbus State University with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, she is a game developer by trade. She initially designated Hiccup Interactive as a handle to uniquely identify her indie game development portfolio.

So, what started as a way to document her process as she pursued becoming a game designer has now become a full fledged indie game studio. Under Hiccup Interactive, she has worked on projects from edutainment to board games with the goal of utilizing common game mechanics in non-traditional ways. 

Just months after establishing Hiccup Interactive,  Karen won the Silver Excellence Award for Best Design for “Malintent”. In 2019, she was elected as a Board Member of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA)’s Atlanta branch. As an active IGDA and GGDA member, Karen has spoken on various game development panels at game events and conferences.

  • Coco Hunter, Director of Marketing

Coco is an international business-driven and dynamic MBA graduate with 11+ years’ of demonstrating corporate and brand marketing prowess. She holds a background in managing global CPG and cosmetic brands in the North America, Middle East, Europe and India.

She has a proactive approach to collaborating with a strong focus on delivering results,  developing and implementing promotional, market, category, and channel strategies to drive market expansion and revenue growth, she is a proven strategic thinker, with a background in brand planning and activation.

In addition to the MBA, Coco holds two Bachelor degrees in Marketing and Managerial Sciences from Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. Coco speaks fluent English and conversational in French.